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Idiom for difficult

Idiom for difficult

10+Useful Phrases \u0026 Idioms for Problems and Difficulties - 7 E S L

10+Useful Phrases \u0026 Idioms for Problems and Difficulties - 7 E S L

Idiom of the day: Hard nut to crack. Meaning: A problem that is hard ...

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10 English Idioms for Problems \u0026 Difficulties \u2013 Espresso English

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Idiom of the day: Awkward customer. Meaning: A difficult person to ...

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very difficult to understand | Idioms | English collocations ...

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Idiom of the day: Walk in the park. Meaning: Something very easy to ...

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Idiom Land \u2014 Idiom of the day: Be in deep water. Meaning: To...

A Hard Nut to Crack Idiom

A hard pill to swallow - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Idiom: a tough cookie | Academic Writing | English vocabulary, Learn ...

Idiom: 1500+ English Idioms from A-Z with Examples - 7 E S L

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idiom Twitter પર હૅશટૅગ

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Idiom Land \u2014 Idiom of the day: Hard nut to crack. Meaning: A...

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Idiom of the day: No sweat. Meaning: There is no problem or ...

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idiom Twitter પર હૅશટૅગ

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小不点工作室- Nah,first idiom A Hard Nut To Crack,hope u like ...

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